Keeping the MIX in MIXTAPES

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Two years ago, DJ Hullewud and DJ Chase March teamed up to create an original project to harken back to the essence of hip-hop. A time when you could hear your favourite deejays throwing down mixes on cassette. These tapes weren’t simply a collection of songs or throwaway tracks. They featured new music that was mixed and blended together seamlessly. It was a golden era for the mixtape.

Well, that era has finally returned.

DJ Hullewud and Chase March proudly bring you the second installment of their MIX(ed)TAPE series. Their goal is to showcase the art of deejaying while sharing music they love. These songs will have your head nodding.

The MIX(ed)TAPE 2 features new and unreleased jams that were exclusive to this mix at the time of its release. There are some world premieres on here and some tracks you won’t be able to hear anywhere else.

This is hip-hop at its finest. 2 DJs. 2 Sides. 31 tracks. Dope beats and rhymes. No Filler.

Featuring rhymes by:

Bankai Fam, ChangerMusic, Chase March, Chris Jackson, dc, Dissmaster Grand, DJ Case, Union, Dro Pesci, El Bandito, Eternia, Exit Only, Flying Poets, Fortunato, Fraction, Ghettosocks, Horus Gump, J. Shiltz, Jon Corbin, Jux Cain, Labeled Minority, L’il Neekz, Lionize Prime, Mad Hattr, Nilla, Ngajuana, Original Sicks, Radar, Ragnor Vallon, Roccwell, Sandkdafied, Solyd Roy, Speak EZ, Sum-01, Swamp Thing, Tee Jay, Tempomental, The Ontario Players,The Outsiders, Timbuktu, Touch, Wise Boyz Noize, and Xae-Lox.

and production from:

AdD, Axel Rosa, Beat Stimulator, Cashous Clay, ChangerMusic, Chase March, Darryl Zero, DJ Gripski, DJ Matto, DJ Nizzy Nick, El Dizzle, Jdubb, Jon Corbin, Korey Wade, Mean Joe Tunes, Muneshine, Nate Jay, Roccwell, royceBirth, Sankdafied, Scarebeatz Tempomental, The Arkeologists, The Ontario Players Production Team, Timbuktu, and Savillion.

Available now on limited edition cassette, CD, and digital download / stream via Bandcamp.


DJ Hullewud is a veteran of London hip-hop. He bought his first turntables in 1990 and never looked back. He was the resident DJ for Dirty Thursdays and Fresh Fridays, along with countless rap concerts. He has provided the music for Maestro Fresh Wes, Choclair, Dan-e-o, RA The Rugged Man, and Fatlip. He was one of the DJ’s for CHRW’s Sausage Gut Radio and can be heard weekly on his own show, Break North Radio on 94.9 fm Radio Western Saturday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight. Visit for more info.

Chase March is a radio host, emcee, and DJ. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, he has been holding it down in London for the past seven years. He got his start on radio when he joined the team at DOPEfm on 93.3 CFMU. He can now be heard weekly on his show, Word is Bond Rap Radio, Tuesday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight on 94.9 fm Radio Western. He also writes for Visit for more info.


1. Chase March – The Introduction (Side A Intro)
2. Jon Corbin – Soul Bringer (prod. Jon Corbin)
3. Dreamsters Union (TempoMental, Mad Hattr, Ngajuana) – No Saddle (prod. TempoMental)
4. Roccwell, Dro Pesci, Bankai Fam, and DJ Case – Powermove (prod. Roccwell)
5. Jux Cain ft Chris Jackson – Golden Eye (prod. Cashous Clay)
6. Chase March – Find a Way (prod. Chase March)
7. Nilla – Down to Ride (prod. Beat Stimulator)
8. Lionize Prime – Deep Crates (prod. DJ Gripski)
9. Touch – The Chinese Room (prod. DJ Matto)
10. Sankdafied ft DJ Chase March – Moments (prod Sankdafied)
11. Tee Jay, L’il Neekz, El Bandito, and Xae-Lox – EYE-C-4 (prodScarebeatz)
12. dc – Still In Love Pt 2 (prod El Dizzle)
13. Ragnar Vallon – Spitboxer (prod Chase March)
14. Horus Gump ft Flying Poets – Fast Forward (prod Korey Wade)*
15. Speak EZ – Shine (prod DJ Nizzy Nick)
16. Solyd Roy – Roy’s Freestyle (prod AdD)*


17. DJ Hullewud – Radio Tuning
18. Radar – Personal Hell (prod. Nate Jay)
19. Touch ft Ghettosocks – Honestly (prod. Nato)
20. Fortunato – Bom Bom (prod. The Arkeologists)
21. Exit Only – Toon Time (prod. Mean Joe Tunes)
22. Sum-01 ft J Shiltz & Eternia – The Wild (prod. Savilion)
23. Original Sicks – Loot (prod. Mean Joe Tunes)
24. The Ontario Players ft Touch, Fraction & Dissmaster Grand – DJ Tips (prod. Ontario Players Prod Team)
25. Swamp Thing & Ghettosocks – Pandemic (prod. Timbuktu & Savilion)
26. The Outsiders – The Breaks (prod. royceBIRTH)
27. ChangerMusic – Hip-Hop Love (prod. ChangerMusic)
28. Timbuktu – Down Below [Psycomachia] (prod. Muneshine & Timbuktu)
29. Madhattr – A What About (prod. JDubb)
30. Labeled Minority – Darkness Consumes (prod. Axel Rosa)
31. Wise Boyz Noize – Mafks (prod. Daryl Zero)*

Available on limited edition cassette or digitally via

*bonus tracks available on the cassette and digital versions only