Keep Shining – Together We Are Fireworks

Commercial radio is often full of songs that don’t have much substance to them. The lyrics often seem empty or hollow. Artits are quick to make catchy sounding records that have very little to offer other than a nice beat and an infectious rhythm.

Every now and then, though, a song comes along that makes me believe in the power of popular music.

I want to highlight two songs that have inspirational and powerful lyrics. Both songs also have stunning visuals to hammer the message home even more. The best part about these songs is that they are are great songs. They aren’t simply message-oriented. They rock!

First up is “Keep Shining” by Shad.

This song, coupled with an interview I had with Eternia inspired me to put together a special edition of DOPEfm highlighting the women of hip-hop.

Our International Women’s Day Tribute Show will air on Saturday March 12th and will feature 7 hours of radio completely dedicated to the women in hip-hop. I am very excited about this show and hope you are marking your calenders now.

You are probably more familiar with the second song I want to highlight today. This song is all over the radio right now and it has even been covered on an episode of Glee.

Here is “Firework” by Katy Perry.

I decided that this was a perfect song to teach the choir at my school. Normally, I stick to the traditional choir songs that most students are generally unfamiliar with. Needless to say, they are really excited to be doing a pop song.

I got a hold of the karaoke track and we are learning to sing it on time, on beat, and on key. So far, it is going quite well.

Just as I was putting this blog post together, I heard this song that sums up pretty much everything I was trying to say about pop music.

(Warning – Explicit lyrics)

Of course, good music is out there. You just need to be more selective in what you choose to consume musically.

Let’s Keep Shining because Together We are Fireworks!