Keep Holding On

I don’t know why some people feel that they need to keep holding on to a grudge, or acting vindictively well after the fact.

I have been having a problem with a certain person now for quite some time. I have tried to keep it out of my blog though. Today, I am just frustrated beyond all belief and need a place to vent.

This person and I have quite a history together and there is practically no way for me to get completely away from this situation. I need to see this person and since there is really no way around it, I grin and bear it.

I have forgiven this person and tried to move on with my life. I don’t see any reason to hold on to a grudge or my negative feelings towards this person. I think that holding the hurt and betrayal inside will only help to make me feel worse, which would be hard today. Still though, I expect more from a relationship. I expect a little civility and although we do not have to be friends, we should at least be friendly.

We had a long conversation yesterday but this person did not listen to one thing I said. The grudge is permanent and will be acted upon indefinitely, so I was lead to believe. It makes me sad to think that I have to live with this but I guess there is nothing you can do to change a person’s mind once it has been made up.

I think holding on to those negative feelings and the need to exact constant revenge and hurt because of it, does not do anyone any good. Maybe one day this person will come to realize this. Maybe not.

5 responses to “Keep Holding On”

  1. Oh dear, that’s terrible. I have one of those as well, with a girl that I knew a long time ago. I’m lucky enough that we don’t see each other often and it makes me really sad that she insists this should stay this way. I feel your pain, and I hope your grudge partner will get over it soon.

  2. You’re right – you get what I said in my post. I don’t know, I had decided a long time to just let it go but it’s so hard when the other just won’t even try. I myself have had many attempts to tell my brick wall that if nothing else lets bring in some tolerance but there is not justification or logic behind their actions.