Kains Woods Adventure

Kains Woods Entrance

I went back to run Kains Woods today. I was determined to run the trail in its entirety. But since it is a straight course along the river, I thought that I would just find the portion of it that I hadn’t run yet and do that section.

After driving around for twenty minutes, I couldn’t find the back entrance to the trail, so I just ran it from the start.

Kains Woods Bridge

I love running here. I usually have the trail all to myself. Today, was no exception.

Kains Woods Riverside

It stays close to the river even though the trail bends, dips, and has a few hills to it.

Kains Woods Uphill

I ran 5 kilometers down this trail and was expecting to come to the end of it sometime soon.

Kains Woods Wildlife Sign

I knew that I had to turn around and head back since this trail doesn’t loop around. And I normally only run 5 – 8 kilometers. I wasn’t too keen on running 10 or more, but I really wanted to find where the trail ended.

Kains Woods hidden trail entrance

The trail continued on, but there was an exit to the suburb neighbourhood, so I took it to see where I now was. Kaims Woods Back Entrance

And I was quite surprised to see that I had driven by here earlier. This doesn’t look like the entrance to the trail, and there certainly isn’t any markings or a sign to indicate it either.

It was right at the end of Shore Road, if you are ever looking for it.

Kains Woods Neighbourhood Trail

I wasn’t quite sure where I was in relation to where I had parked, but I decided to run along the streets instead of going back down the 5 kilometer trail. I thought it would be quicker and less distance to do so.

Kains Woods My Route

I was right. As you can see from the route I took, thanks to my Nike+ app, I figured out how to make it back to my car.

There was a little extra loop that I did of the neighbourhood streets. It’s hard to get your bearings back there. But I finally made it back to my car.

All in all it was a 7 kilometer run today.

As far as I can tell, there is only a kilometer or so left of the trail that I haven’t explored now. But I guarantee you, I will be going back there soon to find the true end point to his beautiful place.

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