Just Plain Idiotic

I went to Canada Day celebrations yesterday at a local park. There had to have been at least 50,000 people there. It was an amazing event that was catered to families. There were children’s rides and free events. And there was a main stage showing some local musicians.

I was watching the stage show and quite enjoying myself. It was about two hours until the fireworks were going to start. There was no mistaking that this event was geared to families. Everywhere you looked parents were with their children. Lot of kids were walking around. Some families were camped out on blankets just waiting for the show. Others were pushing the children around on strollers or chasing after them as they ran excitedly to all the events.

Just before the fireworks were about to start, some impatient people decided to light their own right in the middle of this huge crowd. And people cheered it. I couldn’t believe it!

That was an idiotic thing to do! Didn’t anyone realize this?

Apparently not, because it kept happening.

Finally, an event staff person came up on the stage and said, “Whoever is lighting fireworks needs to stop right now! This is a family event and it’s dangerous. If you see someone lighting fireworks, get security.”

I was glad to hear him say that. Things seemed to cool off after that. The real fireworks show started and it was brilliant. It was a great show and even better than last year.

A rock band I had never heard of before then topped off the night with an amazing show. Surprisingly, some parents actually stayed with their children even though it was getting late.

And then someone lit off more fireworks. This time they were even closer to the stage. All I could think was that some kid could run by and trip and get seriously hurt. Why do people always behave like idiots at concerts and public events?

Fortunately, I don’t think anyone got hurt. But maybe we just got lucky.

Hopefully my American readers get something out of this story and have a safe and happy national celebration this weekend too. And hopefully my Canadian readers wizen up and take a lot more care when lighting fireworks. It would have been very easy for us to not have had a happy Canada Day yesterday. Just think about that.