Just Because I Used To…

I’m often reminded that I’m not a kid anymore. It’s a sad realization for me.

I like the carefree attitude.

I want to be able to run, play, jump, and abound with the youthful energy that I still feel running through me (most days anyway)

However, I’m starting to realize that just because I used to do something, doesn’t mean I still can.

This past weekend, I went toboganning, which is something that I do every winter and I don’t plan on giving it up.

Anyway, I was taking some kids to the hill and we had three sleds. The kids both had a brand new plastic saucer and I had a long plastic sled that could easily hold all three of us.

I hadn’t seen those saucer type sleds since I was young. I really wanted to relive the old glory days where I would run full speed, dive onto the saucer, and spin myself crazy fast down the hill.

So I borrowed the green saucer and gave it my best shot. I dived onto it and sure enough I broke it on my very first ride.

When I got to the top of the hill with the cracked sled in my hand, one of the kids I was with read the label to me. “It says no diving right on it,” she said. And then she chastised me by adding, “You’ve should’ve read that first.”

The sad thing is that I had read it beforehand. I just chose to ignore it. I wanted to zoom down the hill and in the process relive some of my great childhood memories.

When I got home I posted a message on Twitter about how I had broke the sled on the very first ride. This was the reply I got from Alexis, “You’re not a kid anymore, Chase…”

It’s sad but true. I’m not a kid anymore. No more diving onto saucer sleds for me. I guess I’ll stick to the old long toboggans. That’s not so bad though, I guess.

It’s a long winter here and it would be even longer if I weren’t able to toboggan every now and then. I’m just going to have to remember that I can’t justify doing things just because I used to. I am getting older after all (so sad!)

4 responses to “Just Because I Used To…”

  1. Chase — How can I not jump on this one? Maybe it's not such a good idea to go tobogganing in a green saucer, but it's obvious the kid in you is still very much alive.

    At least you still want to charge down that hill, going as fast as your sled will let you. There are many who stop such pleasures because they are now ADULTS.

    Not you…I have a feeling you'll soon be back up on that hill waiting you turn to go down…just not in a green saucer:~)

  2. Hi Sara,

    I guess you're right. The real sad thing is all the adults out there that have let the kid inside grow old with them.

    I will definitely be going back to that hill and sliding down on a long sled.

    I want my inner child to remain a child. I think that is important.

  3. Hi Chase,

    I'm thinking you need to find a saucer on which you CAN dive. Be that kid again and relive those memories. We may be getting older but we're not dead.

    Happy sledding!

  4. Hi Barbara,

    You're right. I need one that is a tougher plastic or maybe one of those metal ones I saw in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Although, that did look crazy 🙂