Juno 2024 Rap Album Picks

Canada’s biggest night in music happens this weekend; the 53rd Annual Juno Awards. This year the event is being held in Halifax, a place that has birthed some of Hip Hop’s greatest artists. But as you can see from this list, there is pretty much no representation of that.

Here are my thoughts on each of the nominees’ albums.

BBNO$ – bag or die

This guy has been nominated before and I truly can’t understand why. I had a very hard time sitting through this album. It just showcases everything wrong with mainstream Hip Hop in this day and age.

Connor Price – Spin the Globe

I had no idea this guy was Canadian. He knows how to make engaging content for social media and how to craft some pretty impressive rhymes. And his track with Haviah Mighty, Trendsetter is straight fire. The concept for the album is great but ultimately loses something when not seen in short form video content.

Haviah Mighty – Crying Crystals

Haviah is a fierce talent who is able to craft thought-provoking rhymes. I wasn’t as impressed with this album as some of her older stuff though.

Kaytramine – Kaytramine

This project has some nice musical vibes to it. It’s not exactly my kind of Hip Hop but when it works, it works. It even has a heavy-hitter stop by for an incredible verse. At first, I questioned this guest spot by Snoop Dogg as it is so easy to buy verses these days, but when Snoop name drops them in the verse, you know it’s real.

TOBI – Panic

Not this guy again. That was my first thought, but when I pressed play I was immediately vibing out to his first track, He was setting out to prove that he actually has what it takes to be a Juno winner. He even has a track on here called Flowers where he shows love and respect to women. It was nice to hear something like that. The album lost my interest as it continued but he is definitely showing more artistry and versatility these days, which is good.

My Pick

If it were decided solely by me, The Juno Award would go to TOBI (I can’t believe I just said that).

Of course, I have one caveat. None of these great projects from last year were on the nominee list . . .

Shad & TLO – This Winter
Mickey O’Brien – Orebody
TempoMental – HyperVigilence

And these guys should most definitely be the winner (in a just universe).

Lxvndr & Tachichi – Found Money

If you aren’t familiar with this album, go look it up now. You won’t be disappointed.