Juliet Naked (Nothing Inappropriate Here)

Juliet Naked

Juliet Naked by Nick Hornby

Tucker Crowe crafted one of the most brilliant break-up albums of all time. It was titled “Juliet” and was a runway success back in the 1980s. Then, one night during a tour to support that album, Crowe quit the music scene completely and pretty much disappeared from society.

His dedicated fans continued to discuss the album online and pose all sorts of theories into what really happened to Crowe. Then, out of the blew, a new album showed up in the mail of one of those super-fans. It turned out to be an early demo of the “Juliet” record. Because of the stripped down versions of the songs, the record was referred to as “Juliet Naked.”

It actually caused a riff in the relationship between a couple who had been together for 15 years. And, of course, it brought Tucker Crowe out of his self-imposed exile.

Everything about this book is awesome. I love pacing of it. I love how it is crafted around a brilliant album. how the expectations of the fans contrast directly to that of the artist, and even the brilliant simplicity of the cover. Have you ever shared ear buds with someone?

There is an intimacy in sharing a passion for the same music, whether it be with a group of dedicated fans online, or just your significant other. And maybe there is that same intimacy in sharing good books with a blog audience too. What do you think?

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