JRMA Youth Competition

I went to the Fourth Annual Jack Richardson Music Awards Youth Competition last month.

I was completely blown away by all of the talent that London has to offer. All of these bands are still in high school and many of the members are involved in the formal music program at their respective schools.

I interviewed each band for The Chase March Show and have two episode to share with you.

On today’s show we hear from,

1) Matthew and the Birds – from Parkside Collegiate
2) Undying Promise – from Central Elgin Collegiate
3) The Phusion – from Catholic Central High School
4) Crossroads – from Clarke Road Secondary School

There are two parts to this show so please come back tomorrow to hear from the next four bands. In the meantime, download this podcast for free, check out the videos and the links below, and support local talent.


Matthew and The Birds



Undying Promise



The Phusion




2 responses to “JRMA Youth Competition”

  1. Hi Chase:

    I was really blown away by the phusion!! I'm going to show that clip to my intermediate music classes! We are going to try some beatbox for the last few months.
    I've never tried it before so it's new territory to me.


  2. Hi MW,

    You might want to check out an old post of mine where I linked to a cool Beatbox tutorial. It's part of a video series and while it is really tough to do, it will give students an appreciation of all that goes into the artform of beatboxing.


    You can also check out the podcast so you can hear the students talk about their music. Hopefully these things can inspire your students to try creating their own music.

    Thanks for the comment.