Joe Bartoch – Olympic Swimmer

Joe Bartoch does what is arguably the most difficult stroke you can do in the pool. “I do the 100-metre butterfly, that’s my specialty and I’m also part of the Canadian relay.”
He was just one of the athletes that the city of London honoured last week at the John Labatt Centre. There were a few swimmers in attendance and they joked with each other in a friendly way. Darda Sales was asked about the training they do and she mentioned waking up early, training, getting breakfast, “and then if you’re Joe Bartoch, you go back to sleep.”
Of course, the joking between the athletes was all in pure fun. They support each other and really liked to see the support of their hometown. There was a sea of red and white in the arena and the volume level was deafening as they cheering on all of the athletes.
“It was a great night. I was happy that I was a part of it. Being from the 2008 Summer Games, it extended my fifteen minutes of fame a little bit.”
The next summer games will be held in London, England and our London, Ontario swimmers are hyped about going from London to London to compete again.
So what’s next for Joe Bartoch, before London that is?
“Last year we set a world record short course so hopefully we can get back on track and set a world record this summer at the Pan Pacific Championships in Long Beach, California.”
We hope so too, Joe Bartoch. We wish you all the best in the pool and in life. Thanks for the interview!

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