Jericho – Perfect Television

I watched the season finale of Jericho last night. This is television at its finest. It was absolutely perfect.

The writing on this show has been stellar since the very first episode last season. The story has been compelling and the action and suspense has risen with each new episode. I can’t say enough good things about this show.

Season 1 is now on DVD. If you haven’t seen this show before, go out and buy it. You won’t be disappointed. I know that I was ecstatic to see that we fans were able to save this show from cancellation last season. They sure did right by us too.

This second season told the next chapter of the series perfectly. It wrapped up the story line in a great way and still left us wanting more. I hope and pray that there will indeed be a third season. The story can definitely continue for another season or two.

The show airs again tonight and on the weekends on Space here in Canada. If you missed it last night don’t fret. I won’t give away any plot information or spoilers. Just support good television. Watch it. Buy it. Demand more of it.


4 responses to “Jericho – Perfect Television”

  1. I just about cried when I read this a minute ago.

    I can’t beleive that this show is over. The second season was beautiful, perfect television.

    It really sucks that it won’t be coming back for a third season. Altough I am glad that we fought hard to earn this second one. The writers, actors, studio, amd network did us right. Too bad they couldn’t keep it going a while longer. It’s depressing.

  2. I am very disappointed and sad as well. I am hoping that the network remembers the nuts campaign and decides to appease its much-deserving fans by wrapping it up with some sort of tv movie event. I can’t stand it that reality shows like Survivor and American Idol are outlasting Jericho, which is such an amazing and brilliantly-written show.

  3. I had read a few days ago that Jericho wouldn’t return for a third season… I knew you’d be upset so I didn’t tell you. :[

  4. Thanks for sparing my feelings Alexis. Truth is, I shouldn’t be too upset. I blogged about saving the show and it actually came back. The second chapter of the story had a great closing and although, the story could continue, at least we weren’t left up in the air like the first season’s finale.

    It’s just a shame that compelling, well written drama doesn’t seem to be selling. I don’t just lightly sing the praises of television shows. Jericho truly deserves the praise. It’s sad to see that it is gone now.

    Leese, I would love to see a TV movie or a further season but I don’t think that will happen. I just hope that they release Season 2 on DVD. I would definitely but it. And I don’t want to buy season 1 unless they are both released.