Jericho Lives! – Yes!

I am ecstatic! CBS has officially announced that it will be bringing back Jericho in the mid season next year with a seven episode order. They also have announced that if the viewership increases that they may order more episodes.

This is great news. The Jericho lives campaign was a success. It worked quickly too. There was a petition that was signed by over a hundred-thousand fans. There were thousands and thousands of letters and emails sent.

Fans showed the support for the show in a lot of creative ways. There was also the nuts campaign, in regards to a line in the last episode. In that episode, Jake recounts a story his grandfather told him about General McAuliffe during WWII. The General was asked to surrender to the Germans and he made the one word reply of “Nuts” on the radio. The reply meant that they would not surrender or give up. Fans were encouraged to send actual nuts to CBS and did so by the pound. That was very creative and it seems to have paid off.

So I feel amazing right now. It has been a great day, and then hearing this news has made it even better. I have only ever fought for a television show once before. I was unsuccessful in the fight to save My So-Called Life but I am so happy that my fight to save Jericho actually worked.

It is an amazing show. If you have not seen it, please watch it this summer as CBS promises to rerun the entire 22 episodes. It is am amazing show that kept me on the edge of my seat all season long. Read my other Jericho entries in this blog and please continue to support this show over the summer and next year in mid season. Thanks to all.

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One response to “Jericho Lives! – Yes!”

  1. I too am ecstatic! What a great show. Thanks for making me aware of the petition… I feel like I actually made a difference this time. Now I have something to look forward to in the fall line-up.

    I also now have more respect for CBS. I appreciate that they actually listened to their viewers; I feel like nobody’s been listening to us lately.

    And to think, we might just owe it all to ‘nuts’. 🙂