I’ve Joined the Digital Age

I have finally joined the digital age. Yes, I broke down and bought an MP3 player. I did a lot of research before buying one and I think I have found the perfect player. I didn’t buy an Ipod. They are extremely limiting. I needed something that could work on more than one computer. I needed something that was easy to use, and I wanted a player with expandable memory. I found all of this in the ZEN by Creative.

This player has 4GB of internal memory but it also takes SD cards. You can take an SD card right out of your camera and view your pictures on it. That is a nice feature, but even better still is the fact that you can use an SD card as a disk drive. I bought a 2GB card and managed to fit 27 albums worth of material onto it.

The coolest thing about this player is that you can hook it into any computer via a USB port and the computer will recognize it as a disk drive. My old out-dated computer won’t load up the software to put songs directly onto the player but it will recognize the SD card and I can easily put songs on there.

I will probably dive into the digital age a little more deeply in the future. This is a start for me and I really enjoy having this player. I will still be buying CDs and converting them over until I get a better computer. Besides, I like having the whole experience of a CD. I like to have a hard copy of it, as it were, in my collection. I don’t see myself downloading tunes anytime soon. But I can say that I have finally joined the digital age. It feels good.

4 responses to “I’ve Joined the Digital Age”

  1. You seem to have made a wise choice. I bought a Creative player too but had a lot of difficulty getting all the software to work. Having one which works the same as a USB drive sounds like a much better solution.

    I didn’t have a great deal of choice though. I wanted my player to work with audio books from the ‘Audible’ site as well as for music. I didn’t want an iPod because I’d heard that they didn’t withstand knocks very well and I already had some music which I’d downloaded from Napster, which wouldn’t have been compatible with the iPod. So I had to choose from the few non-iPods which worked with Audible.

    My Creative Zen Sleek has its drawbacks (I don’t think they make it any more!) but it *is* resilient to knocks. I’ve dropped it several times but it still works fine!

  2. Awesome. I really like the USB drive feature. Last night I felt like listening to the Odds and I quickly pulled out the MP3 CD I made of all their albums. I copied the files to my player and was listening to it in minutes.

    Of course, now I want to get a few more SD cards so I can just pop in and out music even more quickly. I’ve been bit by the digital bug and I want more and more. Ahhhh!