I’ve been Brushing Wrong!

I went to the dentist last week for a regular cleaning. I talked to the hygienist about a sensitive area in my teeth. She told me that the enamel on my teeth has been eroded over the years. I asked her why and she said it could be because of how I brush my teeth. I was really surprised to hear her say this.

I have never had a cavity in my entire life. I pride myself in doing a good job brushing my teeth. I was shocked to hear that I have actually been brushing wrong for pretty much my whole life.

She asked if I brush my teeth hard. I had to admit that I do. I attack my teeth like a janitor would attack a sticky and dirty floor. I scrub it with all my might and put in a bit of elbow grease. I even use the toothbrush head on.

She showed me that you don’t have to press hard to clean your teeth well. She also showed me that I should use the side of the brush and go more on an angle instead of head on. It was like I had never been in a dentist office before. It was amazing. I was learning something new and I absorbed everything she had to say.

The funny thing is that I think dentists have tried to tell me this before. They just have never put it in ways that I understand. I have been getting soft brushes for years. I never equated a soft brush with a soft hand while brushing. Maybe that is my fault.

Anyway, once enamel has been eroded, it cannot be restored. So I now use Sensodyne toothpaste and it has made a huge difference in just a week.

2 responses to “I’ve been Brushing Wrong!”

  1. hey its been a while we had last week off of school and Ive enjoyed that. So what have you been up to besides getting your teeth cleaned and working? I have 38 more days left of high school and its been CRAZY catching up on things and making sure that i graduate on time

  2. I’m not counting days but I know that the school year will just fly by. I have to make sure I get all the assignments, tests, and units done in time. And of course, there will be the last report cards. I’m busy too.