It’s Not Garbage . . . It’s Beautiful Music!

I saw this documentary a few years back and was completely blown away by how music and instruments were brought to one of the most impoverished areas I had ever seen.

Last week, I was able to see The Recycled Orchestra in person and it was awe-inspiring.

The violin and flutes sounded absolutely perfect. I don’t know how they manage to construct these instruments out of garbage and have them sound that good.

The cello is constructed out of a 30 gallon oil can. They tried to use a smaller can and found that it couldn’t take the pressure and weight of the strings.

The saxophone was made out of an eaves-trough downspout.

It’s nice to see that in an area where people have to live at the dump and go through the trash just to survive, that music can flourish there too.

You can find out more from the Global Family Foundation’s website.