An Interview with hip-hop artist Future

Future is an up and coming artist from Mississauga and we caught up with him at the Stylus Awards. You can read this interview, stream it with the player at the bottom of this post or download it for free. And don’t forget to check out all of our coverage from the 2010 Stylus DJ Awards. Enjoy!

Chase: “Alright everybody this is Chase March at the 2010 Stylus DJ Awards and I’m here with Future. How’s it going, man?”

Future: “It’s going great at the Stylus Awards. Future, straight out of Saga City, T-dot, know what I’m saying?”
Chase: “Excellent. So you’re an MC?”

Future: “I’m a reggae and hip-hop artist. Coming straight from Jamaica to Canada, expanding my horizons and just trying to put in work, ya know, work hard and see what can happen.”
Chase: “Very cool. So how did you get into hip-hop?”
Future: “I’ve been involved in hip-hop my whole life, music as a general. Coming out of Jamaica, we represent Bob Marley and a lot of artists that are very significant to the first world. I’m just trying to bring my point of view, me as a young man coming up and my whole different type of flavour I bring to the game.”
Chase: “So we’re here at the Stylus Awards, giving love to the DJs. Do you have any favourite DJs who are here tonight.”
Future: “I like DJ Ill Kidz. Big up Wrispect. Big up all the reggae DJs too. I’m coming straight out of Saga City. We have a lot of music that we’re trying to put to you guys in the 2010. There are a lot of artists coming up on my label, which is 786/876 records. We have a track out now called ‘Lemon Face’ which you can see on YouTube if you just put in Future ‘Lemon Face’ you can see our video.”
Chase: “Are you active online?”
Future: “You can find me on Facebook – Jason Da Boss. My producer Snares has done most of my tracks that I have, that are singles. His name is Killer Snares. If you hear me say, ‘Snares on the Beat,’ that’s what it is. He has a lot of good beats out there for people who want beats too, ya know?”
Chase: “Very cool because I see too many MCs who have a MySpace page and they’ll be rapping over someone else’s beats.”
Future: “And that’s the thing with the game. You gotta come with your own beats. I find a lot of artists don’t do that. They’re trying to do over tracks on beats that they got from the producer. That’s one of the things I knew growing up, to make sure you have your beat man right behind you and then you’ll be alright. You can do whatever you want with each track that you go and produce in the studio. It’s not like you’re wasting time going over people’s beats.”
Chase: “Exactly. It’s part of paying your dues too. If you want to be an artist, you’ve got to come with the whole package.”
Future: “You’ve got to come with the whole package. That’s what it is. I make my own hooks. I write my own verses and everything. So the talent is there. There’s a lot of versatility too.”
Chase: “So we’ll spin one of your tracks right now. It’s been nice meeting you. Thanks a lot for stopping by DOPEfm.”
Future: “Alright, man. DOPEfm, you know what it is. H-town back to Saga City. Future. 786/876 Records coming to you.”