International Women’s Day (Hip-Hop Style)

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and it is the 100th anniversary of the event.

To celebrate, we will be throwing a special edition of DOPEfm this weekend.

You can tune us in Saturday night starting at 12:00 midnight EST and stay tuned right through to 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

All 7 hours of our show will be dedicated to the Women in Hip-Hop. In fact, we have so much material that we can’t possibly squeeze it all into our overnight hip-hop show.

You are definitely going to want to tune us in live to hear all of the great programming we have in store for you.

We have three episodes of Know Your History set for the night. The first focuses on the women in hip-hop in the 1970’s. The second episode focuses on the 1980’s and the final episode shines a spotlight on two of biggest hip-hop stars, MC Lyte and Queen Latifah.

We also have a very special guest booked. I am so excited that Kadyelle will be calling us all the way from Australia. This truly will be an International Women’s Day Show.

Daddy J, Gamma Krush, and I are very excited to be bringing you this spectacular evening of programming.

It is going to be an amazing night. Tune in live on 93.3 CFMU in the Hamilton area or worldwide at on Saturday March 12th.

Podcasts will also we available after the show with some bonus content because we simply won’t be able to fit it all in.

Here are some thoughts from various MCs and DJs about the importance of women in hip-hop.

Music Playlist at

Happy International Women’s Day Everyone! You can go and download the entire show now as well.

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5 responses to “International Women’s Day (Hip-Hop Style)”

  1. Hi Chase .. the three of you are doing Women a lot of favours putting this on .. it's a great project. The night should be a huge run of fun accompanied by wonderful music ..

    Enjoy yourselves .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    We are so excited about this show. We've been working on this for some time now.

    We actually have too much material and will have bonus content here for you to check out next week.

    I hope we get more people listening to hip-hop's better half (the women)

  3. Thanks Anonymous!

    Hi Grogan,

    I think that it was a beautiful thing to hear all of the little artists snippets we played throughout the show. You can hear more of them on the podcasts and mixsets as well.

    I really like what Theo 3 had to say. Frankie Payne also made some great comments about the strength and power of women. Listen to the start of Mix Set 4 to hear those.

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for listening!