Inner City Visions

I caught a show this weekend called Make Some Noise. It was an amazing show about young Canadians who have done some extraordinary things to make a difference in the world.

I saw an inspiring segment about a young man who started up a recreation centre. He had a unique vision and appropriately named the centre I.C. Visions. I.C. stands for the youth that this center serves in the inner city. The centre got funding from the government and is the first hip-hop recreation centre in North America.

The centre runs a variety of programs to reach the youth of the inner city in Toronto. I think having a centre that focuses on hip-hop culture is a beautiful thing. It engages the youth and provides them with a safe and supportive environment. This is exactly what kids need.

Hip-hop is more than just music. It is something that can be created by anyone with the desire to do so. It is a way of life and a culture that defines so many young people these days. This centre allows kids to creatively express themselves. They have an urban music oriented recreational drop-in, music industry workshops and seminars, talent showcases and competitions, a full-fledged art and photography project, a basketball program and a clothing line division.

I wish there were more of these centres. This is exactly what kids need. Hip-hop is a powerful force that speaks to a whole generation. There are people like me who have grown up with this culture. What a great way to give back to the community and make a difference by sharing this love with the youth. Kicks and kudos to the creators of this amazing program!