Ideas Float, Grab Them While You Can

Idea's Float

Denise Jaden has a theory.  She believes that “ideas float in the atmosphere, and they are fair game for anyone to grab and make use of.”

This is sometimes referred to as the collective unconscious. It seems to be something that we can all tap into. There are so many ideas out there and if we don’t act on them, someone else just might.

Jaden caution us to, “Make use of your ideas, or somebody else will!”

In her book, Story Spark, she gives writers a few exercises they can try to get some of their ideas on the page.

Find or Sorting Through an Idea by Talking 

For me, speech is a process of thought. I often discover ways out of a problem or come up with a creative solution simply by talking and playing with my ideas in conversation.

Jaden suggest doing the same thing. She writes, “Try to state it three different ways and tell someone else about your problem. Sometimes simply the act of speaking a problem out loud will cause the correct solution to come to us.”

Ideas can float in conversations too. We just need to be open to them and grab them out of the air.

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Student Exercise

Write down three ideas that come to you this week. Take one idea and explain why it is a good idea and how it might be implemented.

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