I Should Blog That!

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There have been many, many occasions where I have been out and about and thought, “I should blog about that!”

Ideas float around in my head constantly. I can be inspired by something as simple as a comment or part of a conversation. Sometimes a great idea comes from something I have read or seen.

Most of the ideas that float around in my head would be great topics of discussion here at Silent Cacophony.

I’ve been blogging for a while and I am never at a loss for ideas. The thing that stops me from posting all these things is, invariably, time.

I simply don’t have the time to write everything that I want to.

That being said, I’m sorry for the ideas that have floated by and away from me. It’s too late to catch all those strays.

I still want to write…
– album reviews for projects that came up earlier this year.
– those interesting blog challenge and unity days that have long since passed
– commentaries about events that have passed.

Those strays are gone, but I do have ideas for posts and short stories that I have scribbled down that will, hopefully, see the light of day soon.

Hey, I just thought of something else – I should so blog about that.

Gotta go now. See you soon! Happy blogging!

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