I See It!

For those of you unfamiliar with the excellent blog In Search Of Isis, I suggest that you click on the link and check it out. The blog is written by ECD and his mission is to celebrate the beauty of women everywhere. Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of what he sees everyday.

The first time I got this glimpse was as I stood at a service counter. I noticed that the girl serving me was beautiful. The way she spoke and carried herself just seemed to me to be amazing. I am a young guy and something would be amiss if I didn’t notice beautiful women. She was beautiful, this much is true, but I wasn’t fixated on her beauty in a typical male way. I seemed to recognize her as a person and not just a vision of beauty.

Later on that same day, I had the same feeling wash over me while looking at another girl. She was a waitress in a restaurant. She wasn’t gorgeous in a supermodel kind of way but she again had a natural beauty and presence that seemed to captivate me.

I didn’t pursue these girls in a romantic way at all. It never really crossed my mind until our all too brief encounters were far over. The memories of how I was feeling at the time of both encounters have stayed with me since yesterday. I think I saw what ECD sees everyday. I appreciate the beauty and grace and it is only well after the fact now that I feel lonely and empty.