I Ran Up The Escarpment

“Hey I can see my mom’s house from here.”

That little red dot is where I started my run, approximately.

I have gone for some great runs in Grimsby. Last time I ran at Beamer’s Memorial Conservation Area on the mountain.

The time before that run, I ran the Waterfront Trail.

I knew that the Waterfront Trail connected up to the trails on the Niagara Escarpment but I wasn’t exactly sure how. The trail spit me out in downtown Grimsby and I couldn’t find how to get back on it.

Well, my mom showed me the entrance to the trail last weekend so I thought I’d combine both runs. My plan was to run the waterfront trail and then up the escarpment and finish at Beamer’s.

I thought it would be a long and tiring run, so I asked my mom to meet me up there so we could go for a walk. This way I wouldn’t have to run down Hamilton Mountain as well. After all I thought I’d be really exhausted after this run. But I was so excited about trying it.

It took me 19 minutes to come to the bottom of the mountain. I looked up the long incline and thought, “Here goes nothing.”

These are the stairs near the very top. It was tiring to get to this point and my legs were beginning to feel a bit rubbery. The entire run up the mountain only took me four minutes. I thought it would take much longer.

I met my mom at Beamer’s Conservation Area and we walked around the trails up there. I usually take a cool down walk anyway so this was nice.

My mom brought her camera and took some beautiful shots. It’s amazing how I ran this same route and took pictures myself only two weeks ago, but now it looks completely different. Don’t you just love the colours of the fall?

I thought this view was great before. But I just love all the different colours of the leaves. I could use this as an art lesson for my class. Look at all the warm and cool colours.

My Mom loved this red tree. She had to take a couple of pictures to capture it just right.

That was an awesome run. I wished I lived closer to my mom’s house. I’d do this run all the time. It didn’t even wear me out.

I ran up the escarpment. Wow! I don’t think too many people can say that.

And I will do it again. It was fun. Now, I really know not too many people can say that.

2 responses to “I Ran Up The Escarpment”

  1. Chase, I applaud you. Me, I don’t run, even if being chased by a rabid, full out charging beaver, with a chainsaw. Running isn’t my thing, not to mention I won’t be able to get out of bed the next morning. So good on ya! My biggest wonder about running like you did, is that it must take so long to get back home, especially when you are drained from the run.

  2. Hi Sal,

    I usually plan out my running routes to be less than 10 kilometers. Sometimes the trip back does seem long though. But if you run at a steady pace and you run often enough, then it reallt isn’t a problem. It’s actually quite fun.