I Hate Itunes

Itunes is pretty easy to use and can sure be addictive. I’ve bought two albums off of it so far. I also bought three single songs. And I’ve subscribed to 16 podcasts and downloaded over 40 different shows. I imported a few of my favourite Cds too.

So what’s not to love you ask?

Well first off. I’m kind of a traditional music junkie. I like going to record stores and browsing the shelves. I like physically picking up a CD and flipping it over and over. I love pulling out the liner notes, seeing the art, and reading the productions credits. You can’t have this experience with Itunes.

Plus going to the record store takes some effort. Now I have the Internet at home and I keep thinking of albums that I want. In two seconds I can go on Itunes, find it, and see that it costs less than $10.00. I’m used to paying more than that, so it seems like a good deal. I click buy, and it’s just way too easy.

But here’s the real part that I hate. I can’t play those files on anything other than an Ipod. I burned a disc and tried to play it in my car. It wouldn’t work. I brought it back inside and opened up the files. They are all mpeg4 files. What is an mpeg4? And why won’t it play on anything other than my Ipod or Itunes?

So, in order to turn a few albums into MP3 files, I burned a regular audio CD on Itunes, shut down Itunes, and then opened up Media Player. I then ripped the disc to Windows Media Player and burned those songs back onto a disc in MP3 format. It seems like a bit of a pain just to get a nice long disc to listen to in the car.

I think I am going to try and find another online store to buy music from. Itunes just doesn’t do what I want it to. I want MP3 files that I can use however I want.

I will continue to use Itunes for podcasts. I can burn those to a disc and they will play on my car. I don’t know why regular songs and albums won’t do that. I can burn regular audio discs but that’s not what I want to do. I love having more than one album on a disc. It’s the best thing for the car.

Itunes shouldn’t tell me how I can use my own music. It’s not right.

6 responses to “I Hate Itunes”

  1. I think there’s a way to somehow change the type of file it is, but I’m not sure… I completely agree though. I transferred a few of my favorite songs to my laptop, to listen to while I write. All the ones I bought on iTunes won’t play; I have to log in with my account and authorize them, which requires the internet, which I do not have on my laptop. It’s extremely frustrating, and since my iPod is broken, at some point I’m planning on getting a different mp3 player and abandoning all the iStuff.

  2. Hi Alexis,

    We are totally on the same page here.

    But it seems like people love apple and Ipods. I don’t think two defectors are going to call attention to this issue at all. I hope it does though.

  3. Right-click on your songs (or select a whole bunch) and pick Convert Selection To MP3 from the list. This will convert all your MPEG3s and 4s to MP3. Now you can listen to a CD of these songs on players (including your car) that will play MP3s. Normally, these devices will not play all the other flavours of digital files, but they will play MP3s just fine.

    As for new music you import into iTunes, you can select the option to rip as MP3, instead of those pesky MPEG4s that don’t talk the same language as you.


  4. Thanks Silverfish,

    I tried what you said before and figured out how to create a playlist and burn it as MP3 files.

    I’ll have to try that rip function too.