I Can’t Watch (Again!)

Do you ever get one of these message when you try to watch a video online?

“Thanks for your interest but the video you requested is not available in your region.”


“We are sorry but the requested video is only available to U.S. residents”

I have gotten these messages way too many times. I blogged about this issue before as well (why can’t I watch) . But I still don’t think that videos posted online should be restricted to certain areas.

The Internet should be wild and free. We should be allowed to go wherever we want on it and view any content that we choose too. Unfortunately that’s not what happens.

Creative people can usually find a way around any obstacle. I like when creative people share their resources online. I found a way to watch those videos, and it worked great for a few months.
But last night, I got a new and unexpected message as I tried to play a video,
“Based on your IP address, we noticed you are trying to access us through an Anonymous Proxy Tool. We are not currently available outside the U.S.”
I read the message again. How did they know it was an Anonymous Proxy Tool? I didn’t even know what it was. All I knew was that it worked. And I was glad to be able to watch whatever I wanted to online. It was great.
Now I can’t watch again!
This is just really annoying. Maybe someone else will figure out a way around it again. It really doesn’t make sense to deny me access to your video just because I live in Canada.