How to Listen

Believe it or not, students need to be taught how to listen. Here is a poster I made up, (well actually I borrowed the idea from somewhere) to help focus on what we should do to listen well.

Once again, being succinct is key. We listen with out eyes – look at who is speaking. We listen with our mouth – by being quiet. We listen with our ears – by paying attention. We listen with our hands – by not playing with anything. And we listen with our feet – by not moving around.

Here is another poster I made up to help the students remember how to build a good paragraph. I borrowed this idea from somewhere as well, but it works really well.

This helps us focus on five sentence paragraphs. I think 5 must be a magic number. I think it works for so many things in class. I count to five to get attention because it reminds them of the five points of listening.

So far, the year has started off great. I hope things continue to go this well when I start covering the curriculum next week.