How To Convert Printing to Text on a Smartboard (or Teacher, I can’t read your writing)

Has a student every complained to you that they can’t read your handwriting on the board?

Here is a simple solution to that problem.

If you have a Smartboard in your classroom, chances are you are familiar with the Notebook software but you might not be aware of this special feature that will allow you to convert printing to text.

First print whatever you need to using the Smartboard marker.

Then if you touch the screen anywhere on the writing, you will see an arrow that will bring up a drop down menu.

From the drop down menu, click on “Recognize Handwriting”

Your printed words will be converted into text. You can then drag the corner of the blue box to make the text larger or smaller. This also works with cursive writing.
You need to write the entire sentence or word in one motion, however. If you stop halfway through or put down the board marker, the program may not recognize what you have written. 
Of course, if you have the time and a keyboard handy, it might be a good idea to just type your notes out to begin with. You do this by selecting the “A” with the red underline on it from the top of the screen.
I hope this tutorial has helped you. Come back next week for another Smartboard tip here on Teaching Tip Tuesday!