How to Beat Match and Mix Like a Pro

Beat matching is the art of laying two tracks over top of each other when transitioning between songs in a DJ set. It’s a difficult task and several things need to fall in to place to make a seamless mix.

First, the two songs should be fairly close in tempo. You can sometimes judge this by looking at the soundwave file on your computer screen or by counting the beats in your head. Other times, you can just feel when two songs will mix well together.

Being a DJ requires practice and skill. You need to have an ear for it and you need to know which tracks will work together and which ones won’t.

I made this video to demonstrate how to beat match and mix like a pro.

You can see that beat matching isn’t as easy as it looks, but I hope I’ve given you enough tips that you will be able to starting mixing and overlaying tracks to create your own mixtapes, radio shows, or podcasts.

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