How Music Can Inspire and Increase Ambition in the Classroom

The power of music can inspire anyone to do great things, or easily draw emotions to create despair. Music can alter the frame of mind in nearly any individual regardless of how they may feel at that particular time. It is the reason that Hollywood includes sound tracks into movies and television. It is a way to enhance a specific experience beyond what is being demonstrated. This same process can help increase attention and instill a sense of victory in students.


Music that has a commanding beat can create motivation in a classroom. Booming the bass so that the chairs vibrate is not the same as a commanding beat, however. The faster the pace, the quicker students will react to it. However, too fast could become more of a disruption than anything. Finding the right music that will affect the majority if not all of the students may take a bit of trial and error, but will have a positive impact in student performance.


When choosing a style of music you want to play in the background of your classroom, stay away from depressing medleys. Remember, music has the ability to draw on emotions and playing a depressing song or two could have detrimental effects on a student. The last thing you need is half of your class crying as they go on to see the next teacher. It could be a terrible way to start the day if a first period teacher played a heart wrenching song during class.

No Slow

Some teachers are prone to play soft music in the background as students read or study to themselves. Music that is too slow or melancholy could cause some of your students to find solace in sleeping. You should concentrate on providing music that has a faster beat in order to keep sleepy students from being too comfortable. For instance, “Moonlight Sonata” may be a terrible composition to play if the students are taking a test or a quiz. If classical music is more to your liking, “Mars: Bringer of War” is a powerful composition that can instill the warriors heart and provide some of your students with tenacious behaviors.

Lyrics or Not

Many parents and teachers will put blind faith into instrumental music over that which has lyrics by singers. Although there is some science behind the method, a student could be compelled just as easy with a song sung by his or her favorite artist. However, not every student will have the same taste in music. The teacher should pick a collection that has possibilities to be absorbed by all. Classical compositions have a way of inspiring an individual without them realizing it, which is why many teachers choose these tracks.

Personal Music

In a few of the high school classrooms around the country, teachers will allow personal musical devices such as MP3 players to be used while the student is studying or working. Many of these teachers have found it to improve productivity in the classroom. As long as the volume is not so loud as to disrupt others, music can help influence a student’s work in a positive way.

Music can instill a great amount of emotion and has the ability to energize the listener. This is evident as people will play fast paced music in order to accomplish various tasks such as house cleaning or other physical work. Although tastes may differ from one individual to another, there is always a constant. Music can soothe or invigorate the savage beast that is the student.

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2 responses to “How Music Can Inspire and Increase Ambition in the Classroom”

  1. Hi Chase .. I find music distracts – but I'm sure I'm one of few … many people love their music.

    I know its soothing for ill people, or mentally challenged people …

    Jason obviously knows his stuff – a good read .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I sometimes think quiet is a good thing. It's too often that we are bombarded with sights and sounds. So I understand what you are saying.

    Have a good one!