How I Did With My Goals for 2014

I set goals for myself at the start of the year. I had the best intentions when I set them. I was determined to track my progress on a calendar as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t follow through with the tracking and I haven’t looked back at the list since I wrote it. I really should make a more concerted effort this year. That being said, let’s see how well I did.

1) Polish and Perfect my YA Novel and my Literary Novel

Yeah, I didn’t do this. I really should have.

2) Continue to do weekly episodes of The Word is Bond Rap Radio Hour, Our Show, and DOPEfm.

I did this one. I was able to interview some amazing artists this year for the show including Atmosphere, AZ, Del the Funky Homosapien, Dilated Peoples, John Robinson, J Rawls,  Moka OnlyRas Kass, The Left, and many more. It was so much fun!

3) Continue to do monthly episodes of Know Your History

I fell behind on this one. I still need to produce the December episode and I haven’t run the November one yet on the radio. I will catch up though, promise!

4) Write the book version of Know Your History

What a great idea! But I already read the perfect book on hip-hop history, The Big Payback. It was so good that it probably derailed me. That being said, I think I still have something to offer when it comes to hip-hop literature. Hopefully, I will get back to this idea and follow through with it one day.

5) Keep Fit

Did that! I even started tracking my runs using the Nike+ App. It was so cool to get the actual distances I cover in my trail runs instead of having to approximate it like I have in the past.

I kept skateboarding too. Although last week, I fell off a half-pipe and threw out my shoulder. I’m still feeling that one. Ouch!

6) Read a Lot

I read 78 books this year. That’s pretty impressive! I beat my record of 65 books two years ago. I really love having a detailed reading log. It is something I am going to continue to do.

My Score

3/6 but that will probably be raised to 4/6 when catch up on the Know Your History episodes.

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