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Homeland (TV series)
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I was very excited to see Claire Danes return to series television. Her first show, My So-Called Life was one of the best shows that television has ever produced.

In her new show, Homeland, she plays a CIA agent determined to stop another terrorist attack. Her character, Carrie Matheson, hears a rumour that an American prisoner of war has been turned and now serves Al-Qaeda. Shortly after gaining this intelligence, a U.S. Marine is rescued during a raid on the compound of terrorist Abu Nazir.

Sergeant Brody is brought back to the United States after having been missing in action for eight years. It’s awkward being reunited with his wife and two children after such a long time away. The family angle to the story only makes his homecoming all the more attractive to the media and the general public.

He doesn’t appear to be a terroist but Carrie trusts the source of her information and decides to keep a close eye on him regardless of what her superiors at the CIA think. They are treating him like a war hero and are partially blinded by the symbol he can be to the country.

The show is very well paced and full of suspense. The actors doing an amazing job. Mandy Patinkon plays a superior and confident to Claire’s character. I’ve always enjoyed seeing him on screen since I first saw him on Chicago Hope.

Damian Lewis plays Sergeant Brody and he does an amazing job. There are times when you think he might be the terrorist that Carrie suspects him to be. And then there are times where you think there is no way he could be capable of doing anything like that. This is where the suspense of the story comes from.

It’s really nice to see that this series has already been renewed for a second season. I love the actors, the writing, and the suspense.

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  1. Hi Hilary,

    I had to watch this one since it has Claire Danes in it.

    I understand what you are saying though. I really onbly watch 3 shows a week right now. Don't have the time for much else.