Hip Hop Headucatorz New Song + Resource “School Power!”

School Power is a song by Hip Hop Headucatorz that brings classroom and school objects to life through the power of personification. Each verse comes from the perspective of a different school object. Some of the objects help and some might actual hinder the learning process.

The song is accompanied with ready-to-use resources for your classroom. This booklet contains textbook-type pages that explain the concepts and worksheets that vary in difficulty.

The teacher resource book can be purchased on the Hip Hop Headucatorz website and Bandcamp pages. It comes with a DJ pack of this song including the instrumental so your students can write and recite their own verses as an extension activity.

Lyrics written by the artist performing them – MikeAll, Tigz, Wizekrak, I.Khan, and Chase March

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wizekrak

Lyric Video by Chase March

Produced by I.Khan

Buy the song and teacher resource pack here – https://hiphopheaducatorz.bandcamp.com/album/school-power-song-teacher-resource-book