Hip Hop HeadUcatorz “Litres of Leaders” ft Dinco D (Leaders of the New School)

Every year for World Teacher’s Day, Hip Hop HeadUcatorz release a special track to mark the occasion.

The theme this year is leadership so we collaborated with a special guest who knows a lot about the topic, Dinco D of the legendary group Leaders of the New School.

Let’s celebrate the teachers who work hard to build a culture that encourages leadership. You are appreciated!

Here is the music video for Litres of Leaders by Hip Hop HeadUcatorz ft Dinco D.

It is clean and appropriate for your classroom.

You can stream or download the DJ pack for free from our Bandcamp page.


I made this beat right now I’m in the lab it’s a new day
I also made a sandwich and my bed what have you made
Blue suede’s what I rock y’all should up your shoe game
But no Nike’s are necessary bragging bout that’s too lame
It’s more about refining your craft you better start one
I don’t follow people like sheep do they’re not smart son
I’d rather pave my own way a Leader I bring the old school
I use words to make things better like you’re supposed to


Action after words, it takes two
Next time I see moms, she saying look how much you grew
At this level of consciousness, there are few
True Growth and progress, are things you should pursue
To me It seems like growth after 40 is taboo
Like glue, stuck to your own point of view
Quit waitin around forever, like your in queue
Uno I’m Teaching these students, leadership, with my crew


Leadership me are it if you feel you need a lift
best believe you be equipped seizing it’s within your grip
Dont slip and if you do reapply it again
rise with the wind tryings trial to triumphant win
Wize violins blend and ascend to crescendo
Keep mental plugged in fire power like Nintendo
Assemble shine like star constellation design
Greatness inside that’s why you gonna make it in time

Dinco D

Ugh leaders saw longevity positively  respectfully
The most connected technically powerful intellectually
Could never be replaceable until you learn strategy
The brain mechanism is set up for this capacity
Imagine me tactically advancing not inactively
Graduating elevating demonstrating drastically
Importance of a higher level learning comes and matches me
Controlling whats my outcome service to serve naturally

Chase March

It’s kinda crazy this strange new world we living in
Where the leaders at? Everyone just following trends
Time to use your vision, create something different
a bandwagon I’d want to jump in that would surprise
take a page from Captain Pike on the Enterprise
Can someone tell me why we only get good leaders in sci-fi
It’s high time we change the dynamic
I can’t do it single-handed so follow me, let’s slam it


Yo what’s your vision whats your drive?
The definition to your life?
For me fourteen had set the scene to lead cuz death weighed on my mind
And It was then that I began to make amends to who I am
Start things fresh Start things over-write my end now Born Again
So crack that egg
let that yolk soak know you went for broke folks
leaders cannot lead while second guessing. You afraid yo?
Complaining that your situation’s everything-that you’re weighed from
Well it’s one life you lead so let’s see now what you’re made of!


Lyrics written by the artist performing them.
Artwork designed by Chase March
DJ cuts by Chase March.
Produced by Wizekrak
Mixed & mastered by Wizekrak

Hip Hop HeadUcatorz are . . .

A-Cubed, Chase March, I.Khan, Jon Corbin, Just Sev, MattDee, MikeAll, the apologette, Tigz, Wizekrak