Hip Hop at the Emmys

The Emmy Awards were on television last night and they tried a few new things in the telecast. They had the cast of each show sitting together encircling a round stage. It was an interesting concept that didn’t really seem to work. The show looked great on television but half of the audience was always staring at the back of whoever was on stage.

The most surprising thing about the event was when Wayne Brady came out as a presenter. He hosts “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” and started to call two “random” members of the audience to compete in a lyric contest. He called on Rain Wilson and Kayne West. That latter was a real surprise since the Emmy Awards don’t usually have any hip hop artists in attendance.

Wayne Brady then announced that they would be competing to see who would present the next award. He said that they would be singing the lyrics of Kanye West. Kayne went first and started to sing along with his own song “Stronger.” The last line of the song was, “that’s how long I’ve been on ya,” but Kanye said, “that’s how long I’ve been on you.”

Wayne Brady looked surprised and told him that he was wrong. It didn’t say “you” at the end of the lyric, it said “ya.” “You didn’t choose a good time to start speaking proper English,” he said.

When Rain Wilson won, he started to sing the rest of the Kayne West song. He sure did not look like your typical hip hop listener, which is great because hip hop is now a universal music form that appeals to a lot of people. The sales of Kayne and 50 Cent definitely prove that this week.

I thought that this Emmy moment was absolutely hilarious. Kanye West is getting great promotion for his new record. It looks like he is in the lead and sure to beat 50 Cent in sales.

I like the fact that hip hop was represented at the Emmys and that it was done in a great and humourous way. Way to go!