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It’s time for another edition of Chasing Content, that monthly feature that has us looking back at the best content featured on this blog from this month one year ago.

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That One Time I Ran Steeplechase

In high school, I stayed away from track. Until, my cross country coach suggested that I might like to try steeplechase. I didn’t know anything about steeplechase, but he explained that it was a long distance run with some hurdle like obstacles in it. My high school didn’t have a track and we didn’t have one nearby that we could train at. So, the first time I ever ran a steeplechase event was at a meet. [Keep Reading]

Star Trek Visits the Planet of the Apes

Star Trek was a television series that ran for three season from from 1966 to 1969. The first Planet of the Apes movie was released in 1968. That is one of the reasons that a crossover event just makes sense. They are both great sci-fi franchises from the same era, and as a fan of both, I had to read this book.

It was really cool to see Captain Kirk and George Taylor interact on the page. The artists did a great job of capturing the likeness of William Shatner and Charlton Heston on the page and the writers made it seem real. [Keep Reading]

Rapper Pens a Great Novel

I enjoy listening to audiobooks. I borrowed this one on the Libby App from the public library without really looking closely at it. It was recommended to me by a page I work with.

The story captured me from the start and I whipped through the audio book quicker than  usual. I was surprised when I came to the end and heard the afterword by the author. He talked about his rap career and how it helped him to write and record this book. Up until that point, I had no idea that Bobby Hall was the rapper known as Logic. [Keep Reading]

Dollar Store Turntable Covers

I wanted to keep my turntables plugged in and ready to go at a moment’s notice. But it’s time-consuming to take the roadcase lids off and place them under the decks every time I want to use them. I would also have to plug in the mixer every time as well. Fortunately, I came up with a great solution that for under $10.00 [Keep Reading]

Saugeen Shores Rotary Skate Park

I love taking pictures of skateboard parks and sharing them with you. Every time I come across a new park, I make a post about it. This one features pictures from the 12,000 square feet course. I had a blast skating the ledges, curbs, rails, quarter pipe, open bowl, pole jam, and up gap. I sure you will too. [Keep Reading]]

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