Heart Crushing Day

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Valentine’s Day
is hard to ignore
and crushes my heart more often than not.

This day isn’t supposed to hurt,
I know that,
but it only highlights what I don’t have
like a fluffly cloud in the air,
untouchable and impermanent.

But that cloud reminds me
that love floats above us
and around us
and within us.

We might not even see it
if we don’t take the time to look
but it is there
clear as a bright sunny day.

So there’s no need to feel alone
even on this,
stupid yearly date.

– Chase March

6 responses to “Heart Crushing Day”

  1. Chase, you've totally captured exactly how I'm feeling about *that* day. A few of my friends were complaining about not getting any gifts, but that's so not the important thing. I think the best way to celebrate the holiday is to remind people that you love them, genuinely, not just with gifts or cards or whatever. Because the best way to get love is to give it. 🙂

  2. Hi Alexis,

    I'm not really crazy about Valentine's Day. If you are in a relationship there's a lot of pressure there and if you aren't, it can be a lonely time.

    I really like your advice on how to celebrate this day. Thanks a lot for the great ideas.

  3. no, there is no need to feel alone on this stupid day, I agree, it's stupid.

    Do men like flowers? Would you buy yourself bouquet of flowers?
    or is it only women?

  4. Hi Chase .. we can love now – love is all around .. you are you = special .. we know that and so do plenty of others. Enjoy their love.

    Go well – from someone in the same boat!! It's a Sunday .. relax, have fun, live life .. go easy on yourself .. bye – Hilary

  5. Hi Ela,

    I don't think guys would buy themselves flowers, maybe junk food, which I did by the way (macaroons, chips, and skittles)

    Hi Hilary,

    I got to spend the afternoon with my family today. It was really nice. I hope you had a good day as well.

  6. Definately hamilton is too far from vancouver to get the radio waves. I actually thought that maybe I can find, but nope no dope.
    got to check it the internet