Hear This – Earthworthy

Some of the best music is quite literally hiding. This is definitely the case when it comes to female emcees. That’s why I am working hard to bring exposure to this often over-looked aspect of hip-hop culture.

I discovered this album quite by accident earlier this summer. I was drawn to it by the cover, hoping that I had found another great female rapper.

The opening beat was so banging that I was hooked immediately. It sounded like something Eternia would do.

As I continued to listen to this album, I couldn’t help but smile. Kadyelle raps to hard-hitting beats. She has something to say as well. And she does it all with style.

This is independent and underground hip-hop at its best. Kadyelle hails from Australia and has quite the sexy accent.

Check out this video, and then be sure to hop on over to her bandcamp page. There, you can download this amazing album for free. You will see why she has made it in My Top 10 albums of 2010. Enjoy!

– Kadyelle “Anybody Like Me” from the album Earthworthy