Head of the Class – Deluxe (Album + Teacher Resource Book)

For many of our students Hip Hop is a way of life. That is why we combined our love of teaching and rap music to craft an album and resource pack that we can use in our classrooms.

“Head of the Class: The Deluxe EDition” features the original 11 song album, an exclusive bonus track, an 80-page teacher resource book, and the instrumentals of each track.

There are detailed lesson plans, lyrics, black line masters, worksheets, and rubrics in the attached PDF. Each song is accompanied with at least one lesson plan. It covers language arts, mathematics, dance, visual arts and music. The activities are aimed at junior, intermediate, and senior students but can work well with primary age children with a few modifications.

This rich and engaging resource will be a welcome addition to your collection.

Stream the deluxe album with the player below or wherever you listen to music.

Purchase the album and teacher resource pack for $15.00 or just the music for $7.00.

Great educators meet their students where they are at to help guide them to where they should be. “Head of the Class: Deluxe EDition” by Hip Hop HeadUcatorz scores top marks for that goal!