Have You Heard The MIX(ed)TAPE 2?

The MIX(ed)TAPE 2 header

DJ Hullewud and DJ Chase March present, The MIX(ed)TAPE 2.

Featuring the vocal talents of . . .

Bankai Fam, ChangerMusic, Chase March, Chris Jackson, dc, Dissmaster Grand, DJ Case, Union, Dro Pesci, El Bandito, Eternia, Exit Only, Flying Poets, Fortunato, Fraction, Ghettosocks, Horus Gump, J. Shiltz, Jon Corbin, Jux Cain, Labeled Minority, L’il Neekz, Lionize Prime, Mad Hattr, Nilla, Ngajuana, Original Sicks, Radar, Ragnor Vallon, Roccwell, Sandkdafied, Solyd Roy, Speak EZ, Sum-01, Swamp Thing, Tee Jay, Tempomental, The Ontario Players,The Outsiders, Timbuktu, Touch, Wise Boyz Noize, and Xae-Lox.

and hard hitting beats from . . .

AdD, Axel Rosa, Beat Stimulator, Cashous Clay, ChangerMusic, Chase March, Darryl Zero, DJ Gripski, DJ Matto, DJ Nizzy Nick, El Dizzle, Jdubb, Jon Corbin, Korey Wade, Mean Joe Tunes, Muneshine, Nate Jay, Roccwell, royceBirth, Sankdafied, Scarebeatz Tempomental, The Arkeologists, The Ontario Players Production Team, Timbuktu, and Savillion.

This is hip-hop at its finest. 2 DJs. 2 Sides. 31 tracks. Dope beats and rhymes. No Filler.

Available now on limited edition cassette, CD, and digital download / stream via Bandcamp.

Radio Western Chart Nov 12

This project will be available at all campus radio stations across the country starting next week. So please do us a favour and request it. It is currently in the Top 10 Chart from the Radio Western and we hope to repeat this on your local station. To do that though, we need your help.

Call in to your favourite shows and ask them to spin something from it. Hit the radio stations up on social media and tell them that you want to hear The MIX(ed)TAPE 2.

It only takes a moment of your time and it will help us spread the word well beyond the London, Ontario area.

Thanks so much!