Happy Fool Dayz from Hip Hop HeadUcatorz

Happy Fool Dayz!

This song is special as it showcases Wizekrak on production. The guest feature from Lefspek also marks our first time collaborating with an MC outside of the educational realm.

The playful song contains verses by Wizekrak and Jon Corbin and DJ cuts by Chase March. It explores different student personalities such as scholars, pranksters and class clowns. Overall, it highlights the hilarious hijinks that can arise in the classroom.

This is a bonus track that we wanted to release on April Fools’ Day. It will be part of the deluxe version of our debut album that will come with an 80-page teacher resource chopped full of lesson plans, worksheets, and blackline masters.

This single also includes a sample lesson and worksheet based around our song “Alphabet Soup,” which is also available as a free download.

The Deluxe Version of “Head of the Class” drops next week on Friday April 8th.

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Well it’s class clown so down with actin’ the fool
Some were dope with academics others terrorized the school
There were always nerds and cool kids bullies saying you’re dead
Watch your back stray spitball hits you in the forehead

10 math problems probably get to them soon
Now let my loose leaf aircraft soar across the classroom
My friend made a glider to show me something new
If you bend the wings 90 degrees it comes back to you

Amazing how the paper plane flew around the teacher
Eyes so wide appeared amazed just like we were
For real though she grabbed it tore it up stopped the fun
But that’s okay my memory’s fine make another one

You can’t stop glider design from scrap papers
Classroom airbourne attack like Space Invaders
Detention later for constructng the aircraft
It’s class clown coming up with things to make you laugh


Well there he goes again the bro who’s making jokes again
I be rolling eyes because he’s breaking up the flow again
(The) Teacher wants to teach the class, I just want to do some math!
Read another word or two
He’s missing all the verbal cues!
Bro, this is hurting you
Say it and you’ll hurt me too
When your classified a nerd people get personal
But I’m so versatile!
And we’re all worthy, dude
Come join the learning crew! 
This is what learners do (for real) 
I’m not sure if I’d want to trade places 
But no one looks to me for any great statement 
It’s hard to believe I’ll be any great shakes when 
I’m picking at my teeth with my metal grade braces 
I’d like to say I’m funny without doubt but
They can’t tell when I only keep my mouth shut 
Quiet as a mouse, so maybe they’ll never know 
I guess there’s ways we both gotta grow 


Now in my younger days
We’re never short of laughs
When I went to school
Abunch of clowns in my class
Extra fun when you’re young
And it’s not something you’re spose to do
Tryna keep quiet but Our Riot’s bustin’ through
Pass a note with jokes
And catch you chokin’ on what’s wrote
Wet willie, wedgie, thrown eraser to the throat
Elastic slaps to the back
Fake farts at morning snack
Days were never boring
But someone’s snoring like a yack
Everybody got quiet when the teacher got intense
Didn’t want to get detention or spend recess at the fence
Really tried to learn and not get Fs on my report card
But Jokin’ with these jokers y’know it made it so hard
To stay out of trouble and not get distracted
It still makes me double when I think of how we acted
Remebering that place as Chase cuts up the Urkle
Has me reminissin’ bout my last purple nurple