Guilty Pleasures

Much More Music ran a special called Top 50 Guilty Pleasures last week. It’s interesting to see the pop songs of the past that didn’t result in anything other than one hit wonders. It is almost like the music industry is meant to be disposable. It’s a shame.

The show was amazing because I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t secretly love those songs. It’s hard to admit liking some of these bubble-gum-type-pop-songs but they are catchy. They were hits and they still work at weddings to get people up and dancing.

I recognized every song that they played and will admit that some of them are indeed a guilty pleasure of mine. Some of the songs I don’t care for at all. Some I won’t admit to liking but some I will stand up for and champion.

One artist on this list that I don’t need to feel guilty liking is Tiffany. I absolutely love her. She faded away after two albums but I don’t think that people even remember that she had more than one hit. “I think we’re alone now” is the one everyone remembers and it placed 45 on their list. It is timeless and I still enjoy it. But she was a big star in the late 80s. She’s put out a few more really good albums, most notably her 2000 effort The Color of Silence. Look her up if you enjoyed her back in the day. You might be surprised that she still has it.

3 responses to “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Tiffany — she was beautiful, audible and wonderful. I’d trade a thousand B. Spears CDs for one scratched record of hers.

    I did tend to mix her up with Debbie Gibson — whom I also liked because she not only sung beautifully but also wrote her own songs. How common is that?

    I think the most fascinating one-hit wonder story, if I have it right, is that Otis Redding (sp?) guy. He was supposedly a janitor that some group cajoled into singing a song — Dock of the Bay — that of course became a hit.

    But unlike the truck driver Elvis, that never exploded into anything else.

  2. I thought I was the only Tiffany fan still left. I have four of her albums on CD and I still listen to them. I know some people that throw out all the music they liked as a kid and move on. I don’t understand how you can like music and then just throw it away like that.

    As for Elvis, I think he is totally overrated. He never felt real to me. It is well documented how he stole his entire act. Of course this doesn’t matter to some people but I think to be a good artist you need to be original. I don’t think he was. Oh, and Tiffany did write some of her own songs too.

  3. Nope, Tiffany will always be loved and deservedly so.

    She’s got a website of fans. I haven’t been to it in a while but I’m sure it’s still there and Google-able.