Great Drama and Dance Strategies

Drama and Dance StrategiesHere are some great activities you can use in your Drama and Dance lessons (if you can find this amazing resource) I was asked to take it down from the site.

The Treasure Chest: Story, Drama and Dance / Movement in the Classroom – A Collection of Integrated Lesson Maps.

The lesson maps are based around picture books, many of those books are now out-of-print and hard to find but these strategies can work in a variety of different situations.

Treasure Chest Strategies

The strategies in this guide are applicable in many teaching situations. Teachers should feel free to choose the strategy or combination of strategies that will work best with their students. Time, space constraints, purpose, design, and the students’ ability will affect the use of these strategies.

Many of the drama strategies have been developed by Jonothan Neelands and can be found in his book, Structuring Drama Work. 

The movement strategies have been developed from work that Glenys McQueen Fuentes has included in teacher workshops across Ontario.