A Great Day!

Yesterday was such a great day! First, I got to return to my class after a couple of days off. I was surprised that I missed it so much. The supply teacher did a good job by the looks of it, but I always hate to leave my class if I don’t have to. We only have a few weeks of school left and I know that last day will be a hard one. They are a great bunch of kids overall and it will be sad to part ways.

Last week, I lent my manuscript of my verse novel After the Fact to a fellow writer and teacher in the school. I was nervous about this work and I hadn’t let anyone read it before her. I was anxiously awaiting some honest feedback and I finally got it. She told me that she loved it and that she couldn’t put it down. She said that she read it all in one sitting. She told me that I “had” to get this published someway. It felt amazing hearing her feedback. Hearing her praise just made me beam today because I knew that she would be honest with me. So I felt great after that.

We had a great day of class and I posted my blog entry after school had been let out. I got some great replies, which I always love to see.

When I got home, a friend of mine shared the news with me that Jericho, the CBS drama that had been cancelled last month, would be coming back in the fall. I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic and had to post the news on my blog. That is why I wrote two entries in one day.

It was a great day.

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