Great Classroom Displays

Teaching Tips

As a supply teacher, I get to see a lot of different classrooms. Here are some of the best displays I have come across is the past few weeks.

I like the use of colour here. It guides students on how to do a literary analysis.

This poster on creativity is great. It reminds us all that we can take risks, make mistakes, and have fun with our art.

Comma rules. Yes! This is something that many people could benefit from.

Transition words and punctuation tips are also great for students to review. I remember when I was a student. Out of boredom, I would read whatever was on the wall. I wonder if students allow themselves to be that bored anymore. Cell phones are such an enticing distraction. And there is great information on these walls.

I found this one in an art classroom but I think it could be adapted for any subject area. It’s a great way to foster a good attitude toward learning.

Teaching Tip Tuesday – teachers helping teachers is what it’s all about