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The Amazing Spider-man: The Fantastic Spider-man

There are two stories in this graphic novel collection of the monthly Spider-man comic. I really enjoyed the second story that had Spider-man filling in as a substitute teacher at the Avengers Academy. It was a touching story with a lot of humour and heroism. Just what I expect in a Spiderman story.

The cover art shows the New Fantastic Four costumes. The Human Torch died in the comics and the super-hero team enlisted Spider-man to join their ranks. FF no longer stands for Fantastic Four, however. They are now The Future Foundation and Spider-man is part of the team.

Very cool read!

Jack of Fables: The Bad Price and Americana

Jack of Fables is a great graphic novel series that takes the world of the Fables to new heights. It’s based around one character but many of our favourites make appearances or come along for the ride. These are the third and fourth graphic novel collections of the monthly comic.

I wrote about Volume 1 and Volume 2 previously. I really loved the original Fables tales and this spin-off is proving to be equally compelling. Highly recommended!

So many great titles to read, so little time!