Grand Trunk Trail

It’s time for another Photographic Tour!

This time we are exploring the Grand Trunk Trail in St. Marys, Ontario.

I accessed the trail via Milt Dunnel Field and ran up these stairs to the bridge.

This high bridge over the Thames River was first constructed in 1857.

Trains continued to use the bridge right up until 1988. A few years later, the old railway line was converted to a multi-use trail for hiking, biking, and of course, running.

I’ve run plenty of rail trails and most of them are fairly boring. The courses are mostly straight and seem to go on forever.

Fortunately, this trail wanders through all sorts of different terrain. (See what I did there?)

And it loops up with the trail I ran last week.

Portions of this trail were along side streets as well.

But it did loop up to the waterfront. I passed a few historical sites along this route. I will be blogging about them next week. Stay tuned!

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