Grafh (Red Carpet Interview)

Chase: “Yo, Grafh! DOPEfm radio. We got Chase March and Daddy J here. How’s it going, man?”

Grafh: “Just enjoying the festivities.”

Chase: “So what does this award show mean to you?”

Grafh: “I think it’s pretty dope. Anything highlighting the DJ is always a big deal. DJs paved the platform for artists like me to get busy and say what I got to say to the world. It’s beautiful.”

Chase: “For sure. Hip-hop started with the DJ.”

Grafh: “People forget that sometimes.”

Chase: “A lot of people forget. That is where it all started. It’s really great to see this celebration of, not just the artists, but everything that goes with the music.”

Grafh: “It’s a beautiful thing. I came all the way from New York just to be a part of it.”

Chase: “There are producers here, MCs, even some hockey players. We have some New York Rangers in the house. People are showing love. It’s definitely the place to be tonight.”

Grafh: “I’m hyped.”

Chase: “So what are you working on right now?”

Grafh: “I created a whole album right here in Toronto. It’s pretty dope. It’s called “The Rule.” It’s all Canadian produced.”

Chase: “Very cool.”

Grafh: “Check out the new website –

Chase: “All right! Will do. Thanks a lot.”