Grade 2/3 Long Range Plan

I’m teaching a split class this year. That means I have to tailor my instruction to cover two different curriculums. That is a bit of a challenge.

I’ve been working hard on my long range plan so I will know exactly what I have to teach on a week by week basis throughout the entire school year.

Of course, this very detailed document is just a framework. A long range plan should be a living document. It should be adapted throughout the year as needed.

That being said, here is my first draft of my Grade 2/3 Long Range Plan. 

2-3 Long Range Plan

The first section lists all of the curriculum expectations for each grade. Many of the expectations are similar in nature. I have placed them side-by-side for every subject area.


This is a great resource for planning lessons. I can look at both curriculums at the same time and plan my lesson accordingly. It is so much easier than having to look at the large curriculum document and flipping back and forth from the Grade 2 to the Grade 3 expectations.

I also break down the units of study on a week-by-week basis. We operated on a 10-day cycle in my school board. That means that there are only 19 weeks in the year. That is not a lot of time if you don’t plan the entire year out in advance. Trust me!

2-3 week plan

I know that I might not be able to cover everything that I have planned for. There are always things that pop up and disrupt even the best of plans. But this gives me a framework of where I want to be each week.

If we run behind or get side-tracked throughout the year, I will adjust accordingly. That is why an annual teaching plan is really just a framework.

Download my Grade 2/3 Long Range Plan as a PDF file 

Download my Grade 2/3 Long Range Plan as a MS Word .doc

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