Gotta Love Marching Bands

I went to the Santa Claus Parade on the weekend and was reminded of how much I love to see and hear the marching bands.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera with me. There were some great bands there that I would have loved to have shared with all of you who weren’t able to go.

The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Band is, of course, a local favourite. I love the uniforms, the precision marching, and the the horns. 
The Collingwood Collegiate Marching Band travels all over the province to entertain crowds. I must say, there are always a welcome sight in any parade.

Another local favourite, The Argyle and Southern Highlanders Pipes and Drums.

And I’ll leave you with a clip from yesterday’s parade. This is the Mocha Oriental Band. There are one of the many Shriners outfits that you will always find at the parades. I’ve always loved the bizarre style, outfits and performances from these Oriental Bands.

Don’t you just love these bands?

Do you have any favourite marching bands?
Have you been to the Santa Claus parade in your area yet?
Leave a comment and let me know.

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