Gizmo’s Birthday Mixtape

Chase March Mixtapes

My wife and I welcomed a new baby to the world and I wanted to give him a special birthday present.

Here it is!DJ Chase March - Gizmo B-day Cover (Front)We choose not to find out the gender of our baby ahead of time, so we didn’t know if we were going to have a son or a daughter. And I didn’t feel like saying “baby” all the time during the pregnancy, so I gave him the nickname of Gizmo. There’s a good story behind that name and it’s easy to see how I got so attached to it. It seems to fit the little guy just fine as well.

Happy Birthday Gizmo, I hope you enjoy the mix!

DJ Chase March - Gizmo B-day Cover (Back)

You can stream the mix with the player below or download the album version with skippable tracks.