Give It Away–Pass the Hat

Pass the HatI have been blogging for eight years now. I freely give away all of my content, and have never thought about placing an ad on the site.

My radio show is on a university campus and although I put tons of work into it, I never see a dime.

Give It Away

I do what I love and am happy to share it with all of you.

If you see a value in what I do, you can throw a few dollars my way. It’s time I passed the hat around to my listeners and readers. Don’t feel obliged to either. Let’s both work out of a place of gratitude.

Pay What You Want

Amanda Palmer works pretty much the same way with her music. Here is her story.

I uploaded the song, for free download, along with my jubilant blog, and, for the first time, I put out my virtual hat. I asked the fans to pay whatever they wanted for the song. Some took it for free, some paid a dollar, some paid a hundred dollars in a gesture of symbolic congratulations It worked. 

I decided at that moment . . . that I would try to make things as freely available as I could. I would encourage sharing, burning, torrenting, and downloading. But I would leave my hat out, I would ask, and I would work from a place of gratitude if people stepped up to help. . .

I didn’t want to force people to help me. I wanted to let them. 

Ninja Gigging

As soon as the weather gets nicer and we welcome the spring, I will be bringing the show on the road. I plan to bring my DJ gear out and encourage rappers, fellow DJs, and musicians to create spur-of-the-moment public concerts with me.

Ninja gigs as always free, always all-ages, and never announced more than a day in advance. There is no advertising: only Internet posts and word of mouth. People are encouraged to bring instruments, cameras, children, pets, or whatever else they can think of, and there’s no official end time or shape to the event. 

My Hat is Out!

Here’s my hat, please consider making a donation if you appreciate the words I write, the community radio that I do, and if you’d like to help a starving artist out.

I spent a lot of time putting together the radio show and mixtapes I freely share with you. Every minute of my time is volunteer. if you like what you hear, please pay what you can for downloading or streaming it.

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